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1998 Spring
Break Trip



Who Are We?

The University of Chicago Ski Club is a sports club that is designed to provide low cost ski trips to University of Chicago students, faculty, and alumni. Generally we plan the trip throughout the year and do a week long trip somewhere in the Western U.S. during Spring Break.


That's simple. There are no membership fees or dues. You can become part of the ski club in a number of ways. At Student Activities Night in October, there will be a table set up along with the many other RSO's and sports clubs. Simply stop by the table, take a flyer and sign up to be on the email list. From there we'll send you mail periodically discussing what the trip is for the year, and asking if anyone is interested in helping out.

A second way is to look for signs throughout the year. Around Thanksgiving, signs will begin to go up advertising the trip. If you are interested, call or email and we'll give you all the information and try our best to get you to sign up.

Finally, you can always email Brett Hartl who is the new President of the club.

Help Organize!

We need your help to organize the trip. This is a labor intensive event for one person to organize alone because it involves searching out the best prices for housing, airlines, rental cars, and lift tickets. It would be nice to start a committee headed by Brett so that all the work doesn't fall on his shoulders.

Jobs that need to be done:

  • Rental House Search and Reservation
  • Airline Searches and Reservations
  • Rental Car Reservation
  • Advertising
  • Treasurer

So if you are interested in helping out, please contact Brett Hartl.

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